Kids bikes and transportation

​Many brands offer bikes designed for children. However, only a few brands focus exclusively on children's bikes, designed specifically with children in mind. Key features include riding position, frame geometry, and lightness. Brands that specialize in bikes designed especially for children include Frog, S'Cool, Squish and Drag

Tag-along bikes

​A tag-along bike can be attached either to the seat post or the luggage rack. The child's bike does not have brakes, making the journey comfortable. Some tag-along bikes even have gears.

Trailer beams

​A tow bar is a more affordable alternative to a tag-along bike, and it has one superior advantage: the child can pedal independently, and only when they get tired, the bike is connected to the tow bar, and the adult takes over the towing.


​There are trailers for many purposes – suspended, rigid, foldable, single and double seaters. There are even trailers for dogs and cargo transport! 

Our selection includes brands such as Thule, Croozer, XLC, Burley, S'Cool taXXi, Wike, and many more!